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Lighting for Tomorrow 2012 Awards

Lighting for Tomorrow congratulates all the manufacturers who received awards as part of the 2012 competition! The winners of the Solid State Lighting Competition were selected by a panel of expert judges based on color appearance, color rendering, amount and distribution of light, overall aesthetic appearance, value, and application efficiency. The lighting control entries were selected on the basis of functionality, value, ease of installation, ease of use, innovation, ability to interface with other systems, and adaptability to existing luminaires.

View the winners press release or visit the publications page for summaries and brochures of the competition and the winning fixtures. Photos from the award ceremony are also available.

Winner, Fixtures: AFX Lighting, Centre Contemporary LED Pendant
Winner, Fixtures: Cooper Lighting, IRiS P3LED
Winner, Fixtures: Hinckley Lighting, ATLANTIS
Winner, Fixtures: Tech Lighting, Unilume LED undercabinet
Winner, Retrofit Kit: OSRAM SYLAVNIA, ULTRA RT6 Gimbal
Winner, Replacement Lamps: Lighting Science Group, Definity PAR30 Short neck Bulb
Winner, Replacement Lamps: Lighting Science Group, Definity BR30 Bulb
Honorable Mention, Fixtures: Cielux, a division of DiCon Lighting, FLEX - LED Desk Lamp
Honorable Mention, Fixtures: Evolution Lighting, LLC, Remote Controlled LED Six-Light Fully Programmable Fixed Track
Honorable Mention, Fixtures: Evolution Lighting, LLC, Contractor Series PAR 30 Equivalent LED Linear Track
Honorable Mention, Fixtures: Good Earth Lighting, LED Puck Kit
Honorable Mention, Fixtures: Juno Lighting Group, Generation 3 LED Downlight
Honorable Mention, Fixtures: Lithonia Lighting, UCLD LED Cabinet Light
Honorable Mention, Fixtures: LittleFootprint Lighting, HeronLED Personal Task Light
Honorable Mention, Fixtures: MaxLite, LED Round Pendant
Honorable Mention, Fixtures: Prism Co., Ltd, Prism LED Desk Lamp
Honorable Mention, Retrofit Kit: Lighting Science Group, Glimpse
LED Fixture Special Recognition: Hart Lighting, WaveForm Chandelier

Solid State Lighting Competition

LED Fixtures

Of the thirty companies that submitted LED fixtures, approximately half received some type of recognition. While only four products were selected as winners, nine honorable mentions were selected and one product was given special recognition.

Past winner AFX Lighting, was awarded for its adjustable Centre Contemporary LED Pendant. Cooper Lighting was selected as a winner for its IRiS P3LED downlight. Hinkley Lighting won for its outdoor porch fixture ATLANTIS. Tech Lighting received an award for its Unilume LED Undercabinet fixture.

The remaining manufacturers received honorable mentions for their entries. Past winners Good Earth Lighting with its LED Puck Kit, Lithonia Lighting® for its UCLD LED Cabinet Light, Juno Lighting Group with its Generation 3 LED downlight, and MaxLite for its LED Round Pendant. There were also several newcomers. Evolution Lighting, LLC received two honorable mentions for its track fixtures LED Six Light Fully Programmable Fixed Track and Contractor Series PAR30 Equivalent LED Linear Track. Three different manufacturers received honorable mentions for their desk lamps. Cielux (a division of DiCon Lighting) for its FLEX LED Desk Lamp, LittleFootprint Lighting with its HeronLED Personal Task Light, and Prism Co., Ltd for its Prism LED Desk Lamp. Lastly, Hart Lighting received special recognition for the advanced design of its LED WaveForm Chandelier.

LED Replacement Lamps

Nine companies submitted LED replacement lamps, of which only one was recognized. Manufacturer Lighting Science Group was selected as winner for both its Definity PAR30 Short neck Bulb and Definity BR30 Bulb.

LED Retrofit Kits

Seven companies submitted LED retrofit kits, and two received awards. OSRAM SYLAVNIA was selected as a winner with its ULTRA RT6 Gimbal, and Lighting Science Group received an honorable mention for its Glimpse.

Lighting Controls Competition

The judges did not select any lighting controls for award this year, but acknowledged Legrand for its adorne Event Controller which they considered an important development as well as representing new thinking about controls technology.

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