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Lighting for Tomorrow 2008 Winners

Lighting for Tomorrow congratulates the winners of the 2008 competition! The 2008 judging panel selected the yearbook fixtures on the basis of attractiveness, value and marketability. Solid-state lighting fixtures were judged on color appearance, color rendering, amount and distribution of light, overall aesthetic appearance, innovation, and application efficiency compared to standard lighting technologies. All of the winners are displayed below. View the winners press release for a summary of the competition and the winning fixtures, or click on the images below to view fixture profiles.

Yearbook Competition

Of nearly 40 indoor and outdoor lighting fixture families that competed to appear in the 2008 Yearbook, the judges selected 14 fixture families as award winners. In the indoor category, three designs were selected as 2008 Lighting for Tomorrow winners and one was awarded the grand prize. In addition, this year included a new category for recessed downlights, in which two winners and one honorable mention were awarded. Lighting for Tomorrow congratulates each of the award-winning manufacturers and their design teams for their outstanding achievement. See the 2008 Lighting for Tomorrow Competition Yearbook  for more information.

Indoor Fixture Families Gallery

Grand Prize
Grand Prize Winner: 'Brigantine' by Maxlite    Winner: 'Carson' by American Fluorescent    Winner: 'Izoro' by Lithonia Lighting    Winner: 'Westin' by Progress Lighting    Recessed Downlight Winner: 'Lytecaster' by Lightolier    Recessed Downlight Winner: 'Halo' by Cooper Lighting    Recessed Downlight Honorable Mention: 'IRiS' by Cooper Lighting   

Outdoor Fixture Families Gallery

Traditional Outdoor  Winner: 'Sedona' by Designers Fountain    Traditional Outdoor  Winner: 'St. Andrew' by Savoy House Lighting    Traditional Outdoor  Winner: 'Eternity' by Sea Gull Lighting Products    Traditional Outdoor Honorable Mention: 'GlareBuster' by Lighting by Branford    Outdoor Living Winner:'Madison' by Royce Lighting    Outdoor Living Winner:'Palo Alto' by Royce Lighting    Outdoor Living Winner:'Campiello' by Royce Lighting   

Solid State Lighting Competition

Lighting for Tomorrow presents the winners of the 2008 solid-state lighting (SSL) competition. These innovative lighting fixtures combine the best current LED technology with innovative designs to provide high-quality, energy-efficient lighting for specific uses throughout the home. See the 2008 SSL Winners Brochure  for more information.

Solid State Lighting Fixture Gallery

Near-term Applications Winner: 'Design Pro Series Undercabinet' by Kichler Lighting    Near-term Applications Winner: 'LR4 Recessed Downlight' by Cree LED Lighting Solutions    Near-term Applications Winner: 'Cylindrium Desk/Task Light' by Luximo    Near-term Applications Honorable Mention: 'MP-400 Desk/Task Light' by Digital Lighting Inc.    Other Applications Honorable Mention, Efficacy: 'LR24' by Cree LED Lighting Solutions    Other Applications Honorable Mention, Flexibility: 'HF2Stick XB Sx' by Osram Sylvania    Other Applications Honorable Mention, Design: 'LOTUS LED Luminaire' by Journee Lighting

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